FA warns over cyber security ahead of the football World Cup in Russia

Originally posted September 12, 2017

The English Football Association has warned England players to not use public or hotel Wi-Fi at the upcoming World Cup in Russia over hacking fears

Russia is often suspected as a hotspot of hacking and state-sponsored hacking activity, and the FA has revealed its concern that sensitive information like injury, squad selection and tactics could be exposed. 

“The steps taken by the FA to strengthen its cyber security ahead of the 2018 World Cup are equally simple and effective,” according to Bryan Campbell, senior security researcher at Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

“It’s been known that hackers can exploit WiFi connections to compromise or steal user data, and consumers have been warned on numerous occasions not to access unknown Wi-Fi sources. Now that the FA will provide its own internet access and staff and players have been asked not to use WiFi in hotels or cafes, hopefully we can see the general public become more aware of this danger and avoid putting their data at risk. The FA also advised players to think twice before posting anything on social media, such as photos that can reveal details of their location or personal information, and this should apply to all internet users. The greatest defences are often the least exciting, and consist of doing the basic IT housekeeping well.”

The worry over data theft was increased following the leak of the use of banned medicines in football by Russian hacking group, Fancy Bear.

The FA has made these feelings clear surrounding their worry about IT security in a letter to Fifa.

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