Five Ways 4G LTE Technology is Driving Change in Education

Originally published August 28, 2018

The rise of education technology - in conjunction with the ever-increasing reliability, performance, agility, and cost-effectiveness of fourth-generation long term evolution (4G LTE) networking - is giving schools the green light to expand their capabilities with new, exciting applications. Wireless Wide Area Networks (WAN) connectivity is no longer a luxury for schools; it is essential.

Here are five ways schools are using wireless WANs to improve the education experience.

1 – School buses

One of the most common and beneficial uses of 4G LTE connectivity for schools is on buses. With an LTE-based mobile networking solution, students travelling to and from school can use the time productively - no more excuses for forgotten homework! Also, studies show that when students have access to wifi on buses, their behaviour improves because they are focusing on educational activities.

4G LTE makes it possible for a bus driver to alert school administrators and/or live stream surveillance footage back to the school when an incident is taking place, improving safety and boosting confidence. Having a mobile router on the bus means the school can automatically offload footage, via wifi, the next time the vehicle is parked up.

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