The Growing IoT Divide

Originally published January 2, 2018

What gets measured gets managed – and monetised. The Internet of Things’ (IoT) central promise is its ability to let companies see, measure, control, or profit from actions that takes place in their enterprises. It promises to automate activities that were previously manual, control what had been unmanageable, and record data that used to be ephemeral. 

The far-reaching possibilities of IoT have captured the attention and imaginations of decision makers at all organisational levels, from the front line to the C-suite. As a result, IoT deployments are now perhaps the most anticipated, but least-understood, initiatives, of IT departments today. 

Earlier this month, a new Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report* called “The State of IoT 2018” revealed the current IT practices, perceptions and future plans surrounding global IoT deployments. The findings of the underlying study revealed that even though over 69 per cent of organisations have adopted, or plan to adopt, IoT solutions within the next year, 40 per cent of companies have serious concerns around cyber security. This union of anticipation and misunderstanding has produced a vast divide in the world of enterprise IoT between what businesses say they believe and how they plan to act.    

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