Harley Marine Deploys Ruggedized Routers

Originally published December 8, 2017

Harley Marine, like many maritime companies, required a solution for simple, fast and reliable network connectivity to ensure daily tasks such as invoice processing, navigation, marine-mapping and more could be completed seamlessly, and that its employees could deliver consistent customer service.
The full-service maritime company chose Cradlepoint for a cost-effective solution that would augment VSAT (satellite) and replace outdated technology to securely connect management to the vessels deployed in waterways all over the globe.
With 175 boats and more than 1,000 employees in offices across several cities such as New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and remote locations in Alaska, it was vital for Harley Marine to have a reliable communication system that can be remotely managed. It became clear that the solution Harley Marine was using prior to Cradlepoint was no longer a viable solution for the future of the company, as the devices did not have the bandwidth capabilities, ruggedness or the signal strength necessary to ensure day-to-day operations could be completed.
Harley Marine deployed Cradlepoint’s fully ruggedized COR Series routers on its vessels. The routing platform connects all of the onboard technology, including the two computers on each vessel that run the navigation and accounting software.

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