Holy Batman! Look at how IoT has transformed police cars

*Originally posted on [Network World](http://www.networkworld.com/article/3105045/internet-of-things/holy-batman-look-at-how-iot-has-transformed-police-cars.html) August 9th, 2016* The Batmobile is the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle. Today’s police cars aren’t far behind, thanks to IoT and new connectivity solutions. Meeting the needs of both public safety and law enforcement on a tight budget is challenging. Four major requirements first have to be met. 1. How do you respond quickly to a wide range of incidents that might occur over a large area at any time with limited police resources? 2. How can information (such as car license plates) be collected and referenced against online databases while traveling at high speeds? 3. How can sensors capture and process information in order to give police officers more time? 4. How can encounters between the police and public be easily recorded in detail? Multi-WAN routers, IoT systems, vehicle scanners, body cameras and a crime database all come together to make this possible. **Use Case** Consider a situation that illustrates how technology helps on-duty officers. A potential crime has been reported, and a police car is dispatched to respond. While driving to the crime scene, car license plates need to be scanned to see if a vehicle is stolen or if the driver is wanted by law enforcement. The precise location and movement of the police car has to be tracked in case reinforcements are needed. Encounters with possible suspects have to be recorded for evidence that might be used later. [Read the full article here...](http://www.networkworld.com/article/3105045/internet-of-things/holy-batman-look-at-how-iot-has-transformed-police-cars.html)