Industry Leaders Weigh In on IT Systems And Their Impact on Black Friday

Originally published November 22, 2017

As Black Friday is quickly approaching, a lot of demand is placed on retail IT systems during the peak holiday season. But what should those that are in charge be doing to ensure that the lead up to the weekend after Black Friday runs smoothly? And how can data generated from the massive amount of information generated be used to retailers advantages? Some industry leaders shared their thoughts with VMblog. 

"As one of the busiest shopping periods of the year, every second counts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday," said Field CTO of Tintri, Chris Colotti. "Retailers need their applications and services to be running at 100% efficiency 24x7. Downtime and outages must be avoided at all costs. But should an issue occur, retailers need to understand the impact to revenue and reputation. How much downtime can each application afford before it impacts the bottom line or seriously impacts customers? The agility and flexibility of the cloud model is attractive, but you cannot afford to ignore time-to-recovery as a key metric in your IT strategy. To avoid downtime and outages, retailers need to be able to scale quickly, plan out their capacity, and underpin this with a multi cloud strategy - this will ensure continuous uptime." 

Ian Pennell, Chief Product Officer of Cradlepoint, also weighed in to stress the importance for retailers to avoid network downtime.   

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