Making Voice Traffic on LTE Networks a Priority Means a Better Network

Originally posted on VoIP Monitoring Zone Septemeber 09, 2016

Prioritizing traffic can be a great way to get more out of a network. By taking some kinds of traffic that don't need to be handled immediately—like large file downloads or sending emails—and moving these to times when the network is less used, the end result is a network where many of the rough spots are smoothed out, where high traffic use periods are spread out and allowed to settle into lower use. Prioritizing voice traffic on LTE (News - Alert) can have a similar effect, especially if some key points are kept in mind.

The biggest point of these is to consider whether a particular network can even handle prioritization to begin with. Like trying to fill a thimble with a fire hose, some networks just don't have the capacity to create high and low use points, as the network is permanently operating at its capacity threshold. Thus, a network must have low jitter, low latency, and low packet loss to make prioritization even possible.

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