More investor interest means unprecedented growth for Idaho tech

*Originally posted on [Idaho Statesman]( August 23rd, 2016* There’s a familiar pattern in the growth of a region’s technology economy. The tech part comes first, often from colleges and universities or emerging from established companies with large R&D budgets. Those innovations lead to new companies, and those companies … well, those companies usually leave. It’s true. New companies need two things: funding and experienced management. The biggest venture-capital funds are in places such as the Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin, Texas, and those not so coincidentally also happen to be home to more experienced tech executives than just about anywhere else in the world. Because it is often easier to take a new company to a CEO than it is to persuade the CEO to relocate — and because investors love to keep a close eye on their investments — new companies that form in emerging tech markets often move to those established hot spots. Idaho is a textbook example. With organizations such as the Idaho National Laboratory, Boise State University, the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, BYU Idaho, HP, Micron and Simplot, innovation has not been an issue. We have seen tremendous growth in the tech sector across the state over the past 10 years. But all too often, our tech entrepreneurs have had to search outside the region for capital. That’s changing. [read full article here....](