The Most Valuable Startup Based in Each of the 50 United States

Originally published November 16, 2018

While Silicon Valley may be where numerous startups flock to launch their businesses, it's far from the only place entrepreneurs choose to set up shop.

PitchBook recently compiled a list of the most valuable startups headquartered in each of the 50 United States, as well as D.C. Leading the list are California and New York, which are home to Uber and WeWork, respectively.

It's important to note the numbers for the startups in Alaska and South Dakota are not based on their valuations, since PitchBook didn't have available data on their values. Instead, these companies are evaluated by how much venture capitalist funding they've raised.

Idaho: Cradlepoint — $414 million

Company role: Wireless network routers

Headquarters location: Boise, ID

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