Moving to the cloud: a service provider’s perspective

Orginially posted on Information Age September 27, 2016

The cloud is an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to have a more flexible and possibility-driven experience. And it is easy to see why. It presents a number of opportunities for organisations seeking to move away from the rigidity of traditional networks.

Utilising the cloud can reduce business expenditure by reducing hardware costs, while it also provides universal access. It can be accessed by employees anywhere in the world (with internet). Not updating software can proof the achilles heel for many businesses and is a major factor linked to increasing malware attacks. Cloud providers will automatically update software, preventing these issues from arising.

Perhaps the biggest benefit cloud service providers offer, and what George Mulhern CEO of Cradlepoint alluded to often in his interview with Information Age, was the flexibility the cloud introduces. It allows users to switch applications with ease and speed, which opens the door greater business operational efficiency. Information Age spoke to Mulhern about cloud service providers, the increasing transition to the cloud and Cradlepoint’s journey within it.

What is Cradlepoint and how does it fit with the cloud?

The company was founded in 2006 and the thesis behind it was wireless was set to become a more important access scheme in networking overall. We’ve always been involved in 3G, and 4G and LTE.

[4G is the fourth generation of data technology for mobile networks and LTE stands for long term evolution, which is the process for implementing high-speed data for phones and other mobile devices]

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