National Coding Week Kicks Off Today

Originally published September 17, 2018

There are hundreds if not thousands of efforts going on every year to get more people into the world of computer science. For instance, every year Computer Science Education Week kicks off with its Hour of Code to get students to dedicate one hour to coding. This week the National Coding Week kicks off, and unlike Computer Science Education Week, this event is meant to engage everyone of all ages in digital events and coding.

National Coding Week was launched in 2014 by Richard Rolfe. When Rolfe was 49, he was diagnosed with cancer. Up until then, he enjoyed his career as a teacher, but decided if he was going to survive, he was going to try something new in the next stage of his life. A former student of his had been working on a web development business that intrigued Rolfe. He decided to learn how to write code for himself, but in the end he learned a more valuable lesson.

“It struck me that whilst there was government investment in a new computer science curriculum for schoolchildren, there wasn’t enough being done to support adults.” he wrote.

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