Obama Praises Coachella Valley Unified School District

Originally posted by The Desert Sun, Part of the USA Today Network, on 11/19/14 by Brett Kelman

The President Praises Internet Plan to Put WiFi Routers on School Buses

Obama Speech Video - Coachella School District

President Barack Obama singled out the Coachella Valley Unified School District during a meeting with hundreds of education leaders Wednesday, praising a plan to spread Internet throughout the east valley with WiFi routers mounted on school buses.

"This is really smart," Obama said. "You've got underutilized resources — buses in the evening — so you put the routers on, disperse them, and suddenly everybody is connected," Obama said. "Now it's not just students that can get online. It's their families as well."

Obama's statements were made at the White House ConnectEd Conference, which seeks to empower classrooms with technology and connect all students to high-speed Internet. During a 20-minute speech, Obama spotlighted tech-savvy districts, including an isolated Alaska agency that had rocketed into the Internet age and a Rhode Island district that had given laptops to all students. Read more here...