For operators, 5G is all about network efficiency

Originally published December 13, 2017

5G is synonymous with speed, but there’s more to the next generation of mobile networks than that. Massive support for the internet of things (IoT) and mission critical communications are part of it, but, for operators, the real value is in lowering the cost per bit transmitted, as well as providing a fiber-like experience without the expense and time of deploying fiber.

In a recent Q&A between Cradlepoint CEO George Mulhern and Doug Gilstrap, former Ericsson CSO and currently a partner at TCV Venture, Mulhern highlighted the benefit to operators of rapid 5G commercialization.

“We see 5G offering significant cost savings to operators and end users,” he said. “Our customers with many sites, branch locations and IoT needs (buses, police cars etc.), can expect better performance with advances towards 5G. This means no lead time to connect and wait for broadband digs, so any new high-speed broadband connectivity can be met instantly.”

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