Opportunities and Challenges 5G Will Bring to the Enterprise Edge

Originally published July 5, 2018

There’s been a lot of build up about 5G use cases that will drive adoption of this new and transformational technology. We’ve all heard the hype around self-driving cars, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. However, there have been questions around where the major growth in the market will be, either in consumer or enterprise. Although 5G will have much to offer consumers, there are many use cases, challenges and opportunities it will first introduce to the enterprise edge as the technology comes to fruition.

5G and the Enterprise

There are many reasons that point to 5G showing early success in the enterprise, especially for end users. Enterprises are looking for flexibility along with the freedom of time and place to conduct their business. Companies don’t want to be constrained by the schedule of when wires get installed into new locations. And even in “fixed” locations like retail stores, wiring closets get moved due to merchandising refreshes. Enterprises are striving for efficiency optimization like we haven’t seen before — the ability to allow workers and customers to get done what they need to get done however they’d like to do it. For all of these reasons, enterprises will be the starting point for 5G use cases.

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