Protect & Serve: Supporting Law Enforcement with Real-Time IoT

Originally posted in IoT Evolution on August 1, 2016 by Cynthia Artin

Reliable, Mobile Connectivity For Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Can connected police cars, dashcams, dash computers, body cams, and even holster sensors help society address the recent tragedies in the US? More importantly, can we create and fund real- time information based systems that can help law enforcement predict and prevent events like those which have happened in Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Georgia, New York and other states – so children of innocent citizens and children of innocent cops officers do not have to live without their mothers and fathers?

Our society needs public safety programs and professionals, and our leaders – elected officials and entrepreneurs, large corporations, and public and private partnership agencies – have to come together and support not just innovation, but implementation. , There will begiven the enormous, and almost endless, benefits we will can recognize now as a result of acting on this divide now.

Cradlepoint, a ten-year old company based in Idaho, has implemented over 1.4 million of its routers supporting software-defined wireless and wired WAN solutions. One of Cradlepoint’s specialties is reliable, mobile connectivity for public safety and law enforcement. Cradlepoint designs, rolls out, and supports mission-critical applications that require 24/7 mobile connectivity for vehicles such as smart police cars.

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