Right-Sized LTE Redundancy With SIM-Based Auto Carrier Selection

*Originally posted [USAT](http://usatcorp.com/right-sized-lte-redundancy-sim-based-auto-carrier-selection/) August 18th, 2016* For most enterprises that leverage 4G LTE connectivity, carrier redundancy — the ability to switch to a different carrier’s network quickly if an outage happens — is a must-have. While many of those companies use our dual-modem routers for carrier redundancy, in certain situations that is not the most cost-effective option. That’s where Cradlepoint’s Auto Carrier Selection feature comes in. In this post, I’ll cover: * Why carrier redundancy matters * How Auto Carrier Selection works * Appropriate applications for Auto Carrier Selection * Where to learn more ##Why Is Carrier Redundancy Important? Cellular 4G LTE provides a reliable and increasingly cost-effective way to connect wirelessly, which is great news when wired connectivity is impossible, too expensive to provision, or too unreliable. That said, cellular networks can become overloaded during emergencies. Thanks to vandalism and other incidents, there are around 200 major outages on cellular networks in the U.S. each year. Clearly, these outages are a fairly rare occurrence, but enterprises need to avoid the risks associated with even these very infrequent incidents. [Read the full article here...](http://usatcorp.com/right-sized-lte-redundancy-sim-based-auto-carrier-selection/)