School District Repurposes Buses as WiFi Hotspots

Originally posted in Network World on April 29, 2016 by Patrick Nelson

Eight School Buses Turned Into Mobile Hotspots for Poor Neighborhoods

A poverty-stricken school district in Southern California has come up with a novel way to alleviate the lack of internet access for kids in its catchment area. It’s repurposing school buses as internet hotspots.

The school buses are parked overnight in impoverished areas where hard-wired broadband Internet access isn’t usually available and students aren’t able to access the internet. Most of the school district’s students reside in stone-broke rural areas and/or reservations.

All of the children in the vast, 1,220-square-mile school district qualify for reduced-priced or free meals, says the Office of Educational Technology (OET). And almost half of the students are English-language learners.

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