SD-Branch Market Expected to Reach $3 Billion By 2022

Originally published March 27, 2018

As long as I have been an industry analyst, network engineers have tried to build multifunction boxes that are capable of addressing a wide range of network functions. These all-purpose network boxes have been lost to history as single-function platforms optimized for network performance (e.g., router or WAN optimization) dominated the market. The branch network is poised to benefit from the advances in software networking to collapse all network functions on to a single platform — the software-defined branch (SD-Branch).

A total addressable market (TAM) analysis of the SD-Branch market starts with understanding the total spend on branch networking hardware and software. Worldwide spending on routers, WAN optimization, SD-WAN, network security, Wi-Fi, and ethernet switches at branch locations is approximately $15 billion, according to Doyle Research. Doyle Research forecasts that worldwide expenditures on SD-Branch solutions will reach $3 billion by 2022.

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