SD-WAN Helps Businesses Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Originally published November 16, 2018

For years, Brooks Brothers relied on a multiprotocol label-switching network for its point-of-sale and online ordering systems, says Phillip Miller, head of infrastructure and CISO for the New York–based chain. But that telecom network was costly, slow and increasingly unreliable. Every time the connection went down, Brooks Brothers was unable to process transactions until the backup network came online, which could take minutes.

Even when the MPLS network was up, customers who wanted to browse additional inventory on Brooks Brothers’ website were ­frustrated by slow image downloads. Store employees’ rapid adoption of Software as a Service and web-based apps added to the retailer’s data throughput requirements.

Around 18 months ago, Miller’s team began installing VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud servers at its regional data centers in North America and NSX SD-WAN Edge devices inside each store. Now, if the primary broadband connection goes down, the system automatically fails over to a Cradlepoint LTE wireless modem in less than a second. 

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