Smart workplaces - why integrate IoT into office buildings?

With more than 5.87 million connected utility meters in buildings across the UK, the government’s plan to have widespread smart meters coverage by 2020 seems to be working.  The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened a world of new possibilities.  By connecting devices to wireless networks, everything from coffee machines to street lamps can become more efficient.

The Smart Era

Generally defined as devices that connect to the Internet, smart devices enable a greater level of control and a more in-depth method of data collection than ever before.

As people, places and things are becoming connected all around us, smart technology has an important role to play in both new and existing office buildings.  It can provide a variety of functions: from reporting faulty infrastructure, to recording energy usage. Fast mobile Internet connections are the backbone of this new IoT landscape.  While 4G is already supporting IoT development in office buildings, 5G will be the catalyst for even greater adoption.  This efficiency can generate a smarter business world, and the pace of development is only going to continue to increase.

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