Solutions Provider GTS and Cradlepoint Help San Antonio Become a Smart(er) City

Originally posted on, November 9, 2016

Before solution provider GTS Technology Solutions came into the picture, the City of San Antonio's staff members were unable to access almost half of the city's 1,400 intersections to help mitigate traffic.

San Antonio's legacy system, which officials need to access consistently to centrally monitor key applications, troubleshoot problems and adjust the clocks that synchronize traffic lights and flow, was paving the way for disastrous traffic headaches in a sprawling city that is populated by 1.4 million – and still growing.

"As the commutes for our motorists began to slow, we knew we had to implement a new solution that would address our network communication issues. However, this could be a huge, intimidating undertaking for a staff of just 16 individuals," said Marc Jacobson, a manager at San Antonio's Traffic Management Center, said in a press release issued by Cradlepoint.

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