Tackling London’s Mobile Signal ‘Not-Spots’

Originally published September 18, 2017

I’ll start with this: time is a gift. Time is necessary to declutter, to harness our creativity, and to be productive.

Twenty minutes on the tube with no WiFi is twenty minutes I could have spent preparing for my board meeting, or emailing my team with information they need to be productive. When we are disconnected, communication is suspended, and being productive is near impossible.

This is why Sadiq Khan’s ‘Not-spot’ team is such a great solution for tackling London’s patchy signal. Working with local authorities and communications services providers, the team will travel to areas of poor signal, or Not-spots, and find ways to address the problem.

London is one of the leading centers of tech and digital development, but its areas of poor mobile and broadband service don’t reflect this. Measures taken to change the digital connectivity landscape of London can only be good for the city as a whole.

When communication shifted online, our expectations of people’s availability changed. Because we could now access our emails from anywhere, we struggled to empathise with the recipient who had ‘bad service.’ There should be no waiting for an email - we expect instant, secure and 24/7 service, because this is what we were sold. Instant access to everyone and everything, with any connected device.

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