Telus reaches download speeds of 28 Gbps in 5G trials: CEO

This article was originally posted on RCR Wireless on August 6, 2018

Telus said it will look for revenue opportunities in the internet of things space

Canadian carrier Telus said it has reached download speeds of 28 Gbps in its 5G trials, the company’s CEO Darren Entwistle said during a conference call with investors.

“We’ll be using 5G to complement our fiber build where we can look at it as an alternative access technology to improve the economics of broadband connectivity with certain areas that we don’t feel it’s prudent to address through our pure fiber,” said Entwistle.

Telus’ CFO Doug French said that the carrier is currently building 5G small cells concurrently with its fiber builds.

“There will be potentially a small uplift in 5G equipment required to implement full 5G, but will be offset by some of the reductions in fiber that we see over time. So we’re not actually seeing a significant step-up in capital intensity,” French said. “As you go into the 5G world, it will be small amounts here and there on a perspective of higher, lower, but it’s not going to be a significant step,” he added.

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