Tracy Area Public School District Turns Buses Into Rolling WiFi Hotspots

Originally posted on March 24, 2017

Tracy, MN — In the classroom today, students don't just need to hit the books, they also need to connect online.

For many students, a class now begins by logging into an online virtual portal, connecting them to their textbooks and assignments before the teacher starts the lesson.

But while the classroom might be connected, some rural students might not have a reliable hookup to the World Wide Web at home.

Tracy Area Public Schools Superintendent Chad Anderson said, "That's our responsibility as educators to make sure that we incorporate technology into the education of our students and making sure that as we provide that equal access to all students, not just the students with resources to have WiFi at home."

Starting this past fall semester, Tracy Area Public Schools started providing a laptop for all students grades seven through twelve as part of a One-To-One Technology Initiative.

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