West Virginia District Adds WiFi to School Buses

Originally posted on School Bus Fleet on January 25, 2016

Kanawha County (W.Va.) Schools have chosen Cradlepoint to support in-vehicle connectivity for the county’s 158 school buses.

The school district is the first in West Virginia to provide students with WiFi on buses throughout the district, Cradlepoint officials said.

In-vehicle connectivity enables Kanawha County students to complete homework assignments, access electronic textbooks, and utilize educational software from school-administered instructional tablets during commutes to and from school and sporting events. WiFi access will offer students the resources to get ahead in their schoolwork without compromising evenings and late nights, even amid an abundance of after school activities.

“Students can spend upwards of 45 minutes to an hour on the bus each day. Between extracurricular activities and responsibilities at home and work, oftentimes these students are up late at night and in the early morning trying to complete their school assignments,” said Dr. Ron Duerring, superintendent at Kanawha County Schools. “With WiFi-enabled buses, we are providing our students with a controlled and monitored learning environment that gives them the flexibility to meet both their personal and academic commitments. We believe this is one more innovative and leading-edge way we are meeting the educational needs of our students.”

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