What IT teams need to do to make Black Friday a success

Originally posted on ITProPortal November 8, 2016

Industry pros offer their advice for IT teams in the run up to Black Friday, covering business continuity, security and storage.

Black Friday is just around the corner, and there are lots of things that IT teams need to do to prepare. Here, various industry professionals offer their advice for IT teams, covering business continuity, security and storage.

Business continuity

Hubert Da Costa, vice president for EMEA at Cradlepoint:

“UK retail sales reached £3.3bn during 2016’s Black Friday weekend. However, despite these unprecedented numbers, there were significant problems as servers couldn’t cope with demand and in-store bandwidth issues meant that POS transactions were slow (sometimes impossible) to process.

“Getting it wrong, just for that short trading period of a few days, can break a business. I expect to see lessons learned this year. IT teams within retail organisations should have implemented and tested reliable failover solutions. Black Friday lines are already notoriously long and slow; having them stop altogether can be devastating. Even companies that are able to process and approve credit card purchases offline beneath a certain purchase amount, or ‘floor limit’, during a network outage may not have the security mechanisms necessary to keep POS info safe. Reliable failover solutions ensure the retailer can proceed with POS confidently, even amid the hustle and bustle of Black Friday.

“As well as having reliable failover, many retail teams have turned to cloud-based applications to help retailers with inventory tracking, human resource management, and even customised promotions. Additionally, information on top-selling items can be tracked at the store level, provided to sales associates, and incorporated into the inventory management process.”

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