As the World Cup Kicks Off, Here Are 10 Lessons IT Teams Can Learn

Originally published June 15, 2018

As the FIFA World Cup begins, around 3.2 billion people (half the eyes in the world) will be tuning in to watch the game take centre stage in Moscow. It’s a game of strategy, skill and stamina, with strict rules and high stakes for the players involved. But there are many lessons we take from what is seen on the football pitch. Football is not a game of luck or chance, it takes training, tactics, team work, management and resilience – just a few of the key core values that can make a winning team. 

The same methods can be applied in today’s business world. So as we all turn our attention to the game, what can IT teams learn from the world cup? We spoke to ten leading IT professionals to get their thoughts.  

Hubert Da Costa, VP and GM EMEA, Cradlepoint added, "Nothing captures the hearts and minds of the people around you more than passion. It comes across in any language and culture, and helps those you lead a team in the right direction. A great leader influences their team and challenges them to go further, work harder, do better, and do it with passion."

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