Cutting Edge Networks for a Pop-Up World

Almost a third of new businesses launched in the UK over the next two years will start life as a ‘pop-up’ shop. According to research by EE, 11.6 million people plan to become entrepreneurs in the next two years and over 29% of them will launch their new businesses as pop-up enterprises. Many long-established companies are also exploring this model as a way to build brand awareness and interact with their customers in new ways. For these businesses to succeed, they’ll need a networking solution that is mobile, available 24/7, rapidly deployed, cost effective and secure.

For businesses just starting out, the idea of committing to their own premises can be a bit too much to take on in the first years of business. The pop-up environment allows for a new brand to experiment for a limited time without the financial commitment of long-term leases. With the advancement of mobile commerce and transaction security, the market stall has been transformed into an emerging industry with growing diversity and innovative venues.

Of course, this is not a new concept. Several large brands started their businesses by focusing on seasonal or non-permanent premises. Innocent smoothies started out in 1999 by going to music festivals, honing their branding and flavours before hitting the shelves of the major supermarkets. This incredibly playful brand even had customers vote on whether founders Jon Wright, Adam Balon and Richard Reed should quit their day jobs – by throwing their empty bottles into bins marked “Yes” or “No”.

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