Extra security at the Edge

In the aftermath of ongoing security breaches at major retailers, the traditional monolithic network architecture has been exposed for its vulnerability to attacks that start in seemingly unimportant areas of the network and then pivot into parts containing sensitive data. Network administrators and IT managers concerned about their connected-network systems have turned to Parallel Networking (air-gapped networks) to create application specific networks to protect cardholder data while enabling customer engagement and improving operations. Parallel Networks offers a cost-effective way to combat security breaches from pivot attacks or misconfigurations, increase network availability, and ensure PCI compliance.

Parallel Networking Solutions


Distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations face sizable, ongoing challenges maintaining network security and are at high risk for suffering data breaches. As the distributed enterprise's gateway to their corporate WAN, the network's edge is particularly vulnerable to threats. Additionally, many locations interface with third parties that require access as well. For example, kiosks within stores require network access to transmit data, HVAC vendors to maintain and control onsite facilities, or a store-within-a-store to provide a better customer experience. The last thing your company's IT executives want to find themselves doing is explaining to an angry public what led to the company compromising customer data. The consequences of a breach include:

Revenue loss: When breaches occur, there is an immediate hit to the company's reputation resulting in a loss of brand loyalty, as customers take their business elsewhere.

PCI fines and legal fees: In the wake of a breach, The Payment Card Industry can assess fines or remove your company's right to process credit cards. Add legal fees incurred along with lost revenue and that can result in a massive hit to your bottom line.

Lost time and productivity: Time and productivity spent handling the back lash of a data breach can cripple a distributed enterprise.


While some enterprises implement complex configurations that are difficult to manage to segment applications and users on the same network, with Parallel Networking you can easily physically segment enterprise networks into security zones and mitigate security risks to protect sensitive data from being compromised. Cradlepoint's 3G/4G/LTE Parallel Networking solutions let you combine the strengths of wired and wireless WAN Diversity TM, the convergence of 4G LTE, Ethernet (DSL, Cable, T1, MetroE) and WiFi as WAN - all delivered through a single networking device.


Save time: Save IT resources by saving time, expertise, and money spent managing monolithic networks.

Decrease PCI scope: Minimize IT effort required to maintain PCI Compliance.

Mitigate security risks: If an employee device or third party network is compromised, there is no risk the attackers could pivot to other servers or networks, including those that hold sensitive data.

Reduce soft costs: Parallel Networking often reduces an enterprise's soft costs, including the need for complex network configurations that are subject to human error, more complicated PCI Compliance audits, and the general quality of service (QoS) setting for specific applications.

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