CradlePoint MBR90 Support, Firmware, and FAQs - DISCONTINUED

This product was announced as End of Life on August 1, 2011 and the last firmware release was version 2.0 posted on April 16, 2012.

CradlePoint MBR90 Knowledgebase

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The CradlePoint Wireless N Home Router (MBR90) allows you to connect the way you want.  With support for Cable/DSL, 4G, 3G, and Satellite modems - your options are endless.

CradlePoint routers are built to work with over 250 of the most popular USB Modems from wireless operators such as AT&T, Bell Canada, Clearwire, Cricket, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless (Alltel), and Virgin Mobile.

When you make the switch from wired to wireless data, you'll be ready to share the super-fast 4G wireless broadband modem securely.
In the meantime, connect to everything else.




Tech Specs

  • Support for Cable, DSL, 3G/4G, and Satellite modems
  • High-Speed WiFi with 802.11 b/g/n technology
  • 2x2 MIMO antenna system for improved WiFi performance
  • WiFi range of up to 750 feet
  • Four Ethernet Ports (10/100 Mbps)
  • Buffer Optimization
  • Automatic internet failover when connected to multiple data modems
  • Enhances the WiFi performance for tethered phones and portable hotspots


  • Create Secure WiFi For Your Home using a Cable, DSL, Satellite or Wireless Broadband 3G/4G Modem
  • Enjoy up to 750 feet of WiFi Range with two 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Antennas ( Certified)
  • Secure out of the box with WPA/WPA2 encryption modes to prevent unauthorized access to your network
  • Built for Gaming, Multimedia, Networking, and Security
  • Supports up to 32 WiFi Users, Unlimited via Ethernet

Below is a list of carrier-supplied modems compatible with the MBR90.

3 (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E1550


  • USB
    • Huawei EC168
    • Huawei EC228


  • USB
    • Huawei E368 [Force 4G]
    • LG Turbo LUU-2100TI [USBConnect Turbo]
    • LG AD600 [USB Connect Adrenaline (LTE)]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 308 [Shockwave]
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 880U
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U [USB Connect Momentum 4G (LTE)]
    • ZTE MF626
    • ZTE MF636

B-Mobile (JP)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF626


  • USB
    • AxessTel MV240


  • USB
    • Sierra Wireless 250U [CLEAR 4G+ USB (Series S)]

E-Mobile (JP)

  • USB (Tethered)
    • Huawei D02HW (Huawei)
  • USB
    • Huawei D21HW (Huawei)
    • Huawei D22HW (Huawei)

MTS India (IN)

  • USB
    • ZTE AC2746 [MBLAZE]

O2 (UK)

  • USB
    • Sierra Wireless Compass 889

Orange (UK)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF636

Reliance (IN)

  • USB
    • Huawei EC168C

Rogers (CA)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF636 [ZTE MF636 Rocket Stick]


  • USB
    • Franklin Wireless U600
    • Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 598 [Sprint 598U]
    • Sierra Wireless 250U [3G/4G USB Modem 250U]
    • Ubee PXU1901

T-Mobile (USA)

  • USB
    • ZTE MF691 [webConnect Rocket 2.0 HSPA+]
    • ZTE MF683 [Rocket 3.0]

Tata Teleservices (IN)

  • USB
    • Huawei EC168C [Tata Photon+]

Tele2 (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E1550

Telenor (SWE)

  • USB
    • Huawei E1550

Time Warner

  • USB
    • Franklin Wireless U301 [Road Runner Franklin U301]


  • USB
    • Huawei EC168
    • LG VL600 [VL600 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Novatel Wireless Ovation MC551 [ 551L 4G LTE USB Modem]
    • Pantech UML290 [UML290 4G LTE USB Modem]

Vodafone (UK)

  • USB
    • Huawei K3565 [Vodafone K3565]

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