Never have we had this much data on the frontlines. We’re able to interpret what’s going on and support them from the back end, allowing them to focus on the incident and not the technology.”

Scott England, telecommunications systems consulting engineer, County of Los Angeles Fire Department

A Single Service to Deploy and Manage Your Network with Cradlepoint NetCloud

Cradlepoint’s industry-leading LTE and 5G wireless routers and adapters are only as good as the cloud-based network management system orchestrating it all. Luckily, Cradlepoint NetCloud Service is as good as it gets: a complete software platform of robust edge connection, routing, security, and integration features that enables your team to centrally monitor and manage mission-critical connectivity in the field, at the station, and beyond.

Your agency is always there for the community your serve, and NetCloud is always there to connect your most important technologies and to make management as easy as possible. We’d love to show you how it works.


Network Services

Enterprise-class routing

SD-WAN traffic control

VPN connectivity

Out-of-Band Management


Security Services

Next-gen firewall

Secure Internet Access

Web filtering

Threat detection


IoT Services

Device-to-cloud connectivity

Device-centric security

Edge computing


Connection Management

LTE and 5G connectivity

Intelligent carrier selection

Cellular-tailored visibility and analytics

Integrated Wi-Fi

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