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Cradlepoint works to ensure first responders get maximum connectivity

Donna Johnson

You’re going to love having seasons!

I heard that many times when I moved from San Francisco to Boise. And during my first couple months in the spring, I couldn’t have agreed more. I did love seasons! But as the hot summer has dragged on and I see cool, fog-shrouded pictures from San Francisco, I’m rethinking that position. Apparently after 20 years by the Bay, I’d forgotten summer.

But luckily not everyone at Cradlepoint is slowed down by the Boise heat. It’s been a productive season, and we have lots of exciting additions and changes to our solutions to tell you about, starting with an  announcement we made at one of the highlights of summer, the APCO Annual Conference and Expo. Our MC400 Modem is now FirstNet Ready™. It can be inserted into one of our compatible LTE-enabled routers, allowing first responders and public safety personnel to join FirstNet. The contract to build FirstNet — commissioned by the U.S. government after 9/11 because gaps were discovered in the ability of first responders to remain connected during emergencies — was awarded to AT&T. And now, as first responder agencies around the country are beginning to make plans to use FirstNet, Cradlepoint is proud to be a part of the initiative, ensuring that first responders have reliable, high-quality, and secure access to FirstNet.

Another exciting release this summer is the  CR4250, a new high-performance router added to our branch solution packages. As the first Cradlepoint router that doesn’t have integrated LTE or WiFi, the CR4250 is a great option for organizations with larger branches that want a cloud-managed SD-WAN router with integrated security. The CR4250 can be easily deployed with a Cradlepoint LTE Gateway and Cradlepoint WiFi Access Point for a full branch solution that can seamlessly integrate with existing routing topologies, including DMVPN.

All Cradlepoint solutions for branch and mobile can take advantage of our updated Auto VPN feature, also released this summer. Auto VPN takes the difficulty out of building VPNs between Cradlepoint routers with one-touch, group-based configuration for any number of VPN spokes, easily controlled and managed from Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager. Using Auto VPN with multiple WAN links ensures fast failover when a network link degrades or fails while preserving any active sessions.      

Summer is a great season to highlight how these Cradlepoint innovations come together. Whether you’re at a sporting event, festival, concert, or parade, you’re probably seeing Cradlepoint in action. Police and public safety personnel have Cradlepoint mobile solutions in their vehicles, connected to FirstNet, keeping the event safe and prepared for an emergency. Food trucks and pop-up stores have Cradlepoint branch solutions providing reliable Point-of-Sale connectivity across multiple wireless carriers with Auto VPN connections to the cloud. Temporary ATMs use Cradlepoint IoT solutions to build secure connections to a CR4250 hub, enabling you to access cash to enjoy the event. And the city itself uses Cradlepoint WiFi solutions to provide wireless access across the venue while using web filtering and threat management to protect data and devices.

Maybe having seasons is a good thing after all — at least, from inside my air-conditioned office.

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