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Innovating the QSR experience


Innovating the QSR experience

Fast-casual turns to technology

There is no denying that technology is taking over just about every aspect of our lives. Most welcome it with open arms since it is usually easing small frustrations in our day-to-day agendas. The food and beverage industry has been one in particular that appreciated this technology and its advancements. Quick service restaurants (QSR) such as Hardee’s and McDonald’s have found different ways to better their service and enhance customer experience by installing kiosks in their chains. Taking it to the next level, Chili’s installed interactive digital signage in the tables for a range of purposes from satisfaction improvement to an increase of sales. These three restaurants, and many others, are finding success in digital signage and kiosk applications and it’s becoming apparent that QSR’s and fast-casual restaurants should incorporate this technology within their own organization.


One of the earliest adopters of digital signage in their restaurant is the fast-casual dining chain, Chili’s. Clint Boulton from the Wall Street Journal wrote a blog discussing Chili’s implementation of tabletop screens in hopes to improve operations and boost sales. As of 2013, Chili’s invested in 45,000, seven-inch tablets in 823 locations. These tablets are being used for entertainment, advertising, and light ordering. The restaurant chain does not want to replace their wait staff, only improve satisfaction. Quickly after the integration of these tabletop tablets, Chili’s already saw that customers are 20 – 30 times more likely to complete the guest satisfaction survey.

Hardee’s – Build Your Own

Hardee’s, the United States burger chain has used new technology to install self-service kiosks in their restaurants. Gearing their business towards the millennials, Hardee’s knew they had to connect to them in a digital way. These kiosks give customers the best of both worlds – fresh food and quick service. Customization of food has been a huge satisfaction for customers as well. In minutes they get the delicious food they want, just the way they wanted it. Incorporation of kiosks has also opened up doors such as cross selling and increasing the average order. An article on Microsoft’s website outlines the full dispersement – read it here…


With the slow decline of sales in the famous golden arches of McDonald’s, a new strategy was needed. Society is shifting to a healthier lifestyle that does not include McDonald’s ingredients. The quick service restaurant has rolled out ‘Create Your Own Taste’ kiosks across 14,000 locations nationwide. Many customers are flocking to this option to skip lines and have a menu item jus the way they like. For many years, eating out was difficult for customers who have food restrictions. Now, customers can indicate which condiments or additions they want without the awkward conversation of, “did I specify my order or not?” On the opposite end of the spectrum, there have been customers that have decided to go above and beyond to try to max out their order with as much additions as possible. Similar to Hardee’s, McDonald’s is aiming their target market at millennials and full-service ‘have it your way’ options, along with quick digital signage, are just the way to do that. 

Unlimited Options

Moving with these connectivity trends, Cradlepoint has had huge customer success in connecting Quick Service Restaurants. With companies such as Raising Cane’s, a large national waffle brand in the south, popular pizza, fried chicken and Tex-Mex chains, Cradlepoint is really making a splash in the restaurant industry. Wireless connectivity has enabled businesses to reach their customers in a unique and interactive way.

The number of application options for wireless connectivity is unlimited, with the right solutions. Our job at Cradlepoint is to ensure your kiosks, interactive experience, or digital signage stays connected – so you never go a day without your new, innovative strategy.

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