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Join Cradlepoint and embrace opportunities to grow

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Jodi Richter

Join Cradlepoint and embrace opportunities to grow

Innovate in an open, collaborative culture

In the four years I’ve been working for Cradlepoint, the company has grown from 90 people and a national market to more than 350 people focused on selling our technology all around the world. Our growth is accelerating as we provide an excellent solution to an increasing number of industries. From global fast food chains and retail enterprises to healthcare and the public sector, companies are seeing the brilliance of a wireless world.

As Cradlepoint’s Human Resources Manager, I am responsible for leading Cradlepoint’s dedicated and dynamic recruiting team to find the talent to enable us to keep growing. My job and my team’s job is made easier by the fact that Cradlepoint has so much to offer people who are ready to take their careers up a notch or two. Cradlepoint has innovative solutions that are driving fundamental changes in our every day lives, and how people and machines connect.

Cradlepoint is headquartered in one of the most beautiful, affordable, and friendly places on earth (Boise, Idaho — a best-kept secret). Plus, we offer opportunities to change and grow, which is really compelling. We also have the kind of open, collaborative culture most information technology professionals expect companies to have.

Every week we have a company-wide “Coffee Talk” during which our CEO George Mulhern along with other executives and managers provide updates and announcements, introduce new hires, and answer questions from staff. At a recent coffee talk our VP of Inside Sales pulled up a slide of the original Inside Sales group. He talked about where each one of those sales reps is now. What I found exciting is almost everyone in the group is still with the Company. They’re either still growing their careers in sales or they’ve moved onto other opportunities within the company, from sales engineering to customer support to marketing.

Because we are growing so quickly, Cradlepoint’s newcomers have opportunities to try new things, learn fresh skills, and grow. One of the most exciting services a company can offer employees is the possibility of stretching yourself to find where you really shine — and it’s an essential component of who we are.

From an industry-leading cloud technology to a pioneering hardware platform, Cradlepoint is the leader of enterprise 4G networking. Our engineering team is made up of the best and brightest, those individuals who challenge convention and dream beyond what others believe is possible. We value our engineers who build innovative products for our customers. We create and embrace new technology and foster a world-class engineering team, all within a small company feel.

Cradlepoint has an open, collaborative culture and we live in an environment of trust. Our teams ensure clarity of purpose; we build commitment in our employees; we’re continually learning; we embrace simplicity and foster innovation; we take calculated risks; and we understand humility. Because wireless is such a fast-moving space, we have to work together, think together, and build synergy to help us take full advantage of our market-leading position. With wireless connectivity at the forefront of our world, we have many competitors. For us, being nimble helps us stay ahead of the pack.

We hire intelligent, professional people who are comfortable with change. When our leaders — who have an open-door policy and listen to all opinions — make plans, our team responds quickly and with vigor. Most people who join Cradlepoint embrace the intensity and opportunity that comes with working for us. It helps that we have a casual atmosphere, right down to the relaxed dress code. Everyone, including our executive staff members, can be spotted wearing blue jeans on any given day.

As we expand our ranks, one reaction we get from people — especially those who aren’t from west of the Rockies — is, “where the heck is Boise?” In my next post, I’ll give you some highlights of this amazing city and why it’s the perfect place to start your career, develop your skills, or grow your family (or do all three).

Explore Cradlepoint’s career page to view open positions.

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