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Ruggedized Routers Maximize Connectivity & Readiness for First Responders

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Event Description

The modern first responder relies on always-on mobile networks to keep their mission-critical applications and devices up and running. These teams need technology to just work — anytime, anywhere — so they can focus on doing their jobs and trust that the technology will function.

Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) and Emergency Medical Service (IEMS) agencies are both increasing communication and response times by leveraging Cradlepoint’s solutions with:

  • Constant network connectivity and redundancy for in-vehicle devices, such as Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs)
  • NetCloud Manager to troubleshoot issues
  • Rugged and reliable wireless router solutions

Soon, both agencies will take advantage of the U.S. government created First Responder Network Authority’s nationwide public safety broadband network. Other carriers have announced or are planning their own mobile public safety network using a dedicated cellular “core.” These networks provide a common ability to prioritize first responder communications and can preempt all other cellular traffic to deliver needed performance.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • The different ways agencies are implementing Cradlepoint solutions
  • How agencies are gaining faster response times with always-on connectivity
  • Details on why agencies are leveraging wireless solutions
Jonathan Fischer, VP Carrier Business Development, Cradlepoint
Jason Johnston, Support Engineer, Cradlepoint
Kevin Gona, Logistics Section Chief, Indianapolis EMS