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Expanding your retail tech requires network flexibility

Technology is stretching retailers and restaurants in ways they never imagined. As new systems, IoT devices, and applications push customer service far beyond traditional brick and mortar practices, getting your network into shape is crucial. Flabby, inflexible infrastructure won’t support the quick movements your company needs. LTE and 5G edge networking solutions provide the network flexibility necessary to connect the POS systems, Bluetooth® wireless technology devices, kiosks, digital signs, sensors, ghost kitchens, delivery vehicles, warehouses, and guest Wi-Fi that have become the heart of the retail and restaurant business.

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August 2-6, 2021


LTE and 5G solutions fit for today’s retail and restaurant IoT, locations, and vehicles


Connect new technologies immediately

Reach your customers where and how they want to be served. Connect new tech tools immediately with Cradlepoint’s LTE and 5G solutions that also support wired connectivity and provide essential SD-WAN features. 


Centrally manage widespread connectivity

Deploy, monitor, manage, analyze, and troubleshoot connectivity throughout your WAN from anywhere through Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager — reducing truck rolls, man-hours, and costly downtime. 


Ensure security from end to end

Unified edge security through Cradlepoint routers and adapters segments POS systems, isolates IoT devices, complies with PCI DSS guidelines, provides secure Internet access, and protects against threats. 

Improving post-pandemic retail with agile technologies

Many of the technologies that become so important for retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic will prove vital for years to come. Flexible connectivity such as LTE and 5G is enabling these advancements that improve operations and customer service not just in smart stores, but in warehouses, outdoor spaces, and beyond.

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