Services Renewals Process

June 1, 2014


Cradlepoint now offers several Subscription Services (NetCloud Manager, Extended Enterprise License, CradleCare Support Agreements, etc.), and in the future we will be growing this list. This document describes our Renewal Processes and how Customers will receive notifications that a Renewal Order is due. 


  • Customer Account: End user Company name (all routers and service entitlement the Company has purchased are recorded and tracked in their account)  
  • Customer Account Contact: Cradlepoint end-customer main-contact that is using our services at their company
  • Partner of Record: Cradlepoint Authorized Reseller that is associated with that account in our systems
  • Renewal Order: All SKUs, at MSRP and Partner pricing, required to achieve the next co-term renewal. The Renewal Order Number must be included on all Renewal POs received by Cradlepoint. 
  • Renewal Anniversary Date: Date the first Subscription Service purchased by the customer expires. All other Subscription Services the customer has ordered, that will expire within 12 months of this date, will be “co-termed” to this date.  Once co-term is achieved, all Subscription Services for a specific customer can be renewed for the standard 1 yr term on the Renewal Anniversary Date. (See Co-term Methodology doc for more detail)
  • Standard Renewal: All standard Renewal SKUs are for 1 year
  • Co-Term: Co-term Renewal SKUs (Contain “RCT” in part number), will always be “Special Priced” so they expire on the next Renewal Anniversary Date. Once the co-terminus end date established, all future renewals will be standard 1 yr renewals

Ordering Processes

  • Cradlepoint will notify the Partner of Record when a services renewal is pending for one of their customers
    • The Renewal Notification will contain a customer-specific Renewal Order and Renewal Order Number. No action should be taken until the Renewal Order is received
    • See Notification Processes below for more detail
  • Partner contacts the End Customer and obtains a PO for the Renewal Order
  • Partner places the Renewal PO with an Authorized Cradlepoint Distributor which must include the original Cradlepoint Renewal Order Number. 

The Renewal Order number is how we tie the PO we receive from the Distributor back to the correct Customer Account and Partner accounts, update all services entitlements accordingly, and confirm “delivery” for billing purposes.

Notification Processes

  • At 90 days in advance of the Renewal Anniversary Date, we will begin sending Renewal Order Notifications to the Partner of Record
  • At 60 days in advance, we will begin notifications to the End Customer Account Contact also. 

Decision point after each step:

Renewal PO in place? 

  • Yes = end
  • No = move to next step
Time Frame Partners End Users
Days from expiration date Renewal Pending Renewal Pending
−90-days 1st  notice to Partner   
−60 days 2nd  notice to Partner 1st  notice to Customer
−30 days 3rd  notice to Partner 2nd  notice Customer
−15 days 4th  warning to Partner 3rd  warning to Customer
−5  days 5th  warning to partner    4th  warning to Customer    
  Subscription Expired Subscription Expired Access to Service is blocked
0 days 1st  exp notice to Partner 1st  exp notice to Customer
+15 days 2nd  exp notice to Partner 2nd  exp notice to Customer
+30 days 3rd  exp notice to partner 3rd  exp notice to Customer 


Subscription Renewals Purchasing Policies

  • All Subscription Service Renewals must go thru a Cradlepoint Authorized Reseller
  • The Partner of Record for a Customer Account in our systems is the Partner that submitted the initial order.
    • Alternatively, the Customer Account Contact can specify their preferred Partner of Record in their Account Profile.
  • All Standard Renewals are for 1 year terms
  • Co-term renewals are for unique terms to achieve go-forward co-terminus

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