Food & Beverage

PCI Compliant, Intelligent Networking with Centralized Management & “Four-Nines” Reliability 

The food and beverage industry faces challenges because they are dependent on “four-nines” network reliability, staying PCI compliant, and managing distributed networks from one centralized location. From credit card transactions to guest WiFi, to customer service applications, the network must be able to handle all the business operations in an intelligent, efficient manner. Along with these tasks, network security must be top of mind to mitigate the risk of a data breach. These businesses must be able to operate without the worry of threats and sensitive customer information being compromised. 

Finding a solution that provides reliability in all of these critical areas can be difficult. Often, multiple vendors come into play, adding network complexity and compounding IT frustration. Less expensive wired options like DSL mean hours of downtime each month. Alternatives like T1 connections deliver more uptime but carry a hefty price tag that usually puts large-scale distributed deployments out of reach. 

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