In-Vehicle for K-12

High-speed, highly available connectivity so students can stay productive while on the go

Challenge: Extending Connectivity From The Classroom To The Road  With the increased need to provide WiFi to students during long commutes on school buses, whether for a school-sponsored activity or as part of a student’s regular daily commute to attend classes, the ability to bring the classroom to the road is a necessity to achieve academic excellence. However, deploying network connectivity within school buses can involve a number of challenges: terrain, carrier selection, security, and reliable connectivity.

Solution: Cloud-Managed 3G/4G Networking  **Ease-of-use with cloud management**: Monitor, configure, and upgrade geographically dispersed systems without requiring on-site technical resources. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network. Cradlepoint solutions allow you to maximize the benefits of the cloud without losing your connection when you need it most.  **Best-in-class WiFi**: Today’s students require WiFi connectivity inside and outside the classroom. Cradlepoint’s high-speed, highly available connectivity allows students to continue to stay productive while on the go.  **Real-time, mission-critical connectivity**: Cradlepoint offers solutions that are unlike other mobile solutions on the market. The same mission connectivity used by first responders can be used by educational agencies to update rider records and track vehicles while using secure connectivity. 

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