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Recycling Matters to Cradlepoint

Just as organizations around the world deserve the connectivity provided by our cellular endpoints, our environment deserves the responsible disposal of older products once their usefulness fades.


Reducing the impact of used hardware is important to us. The Cradlepoint FirstConnect Recycling Program is designed to collect, repurpose, and recycle products. This program is open to all public safety and frontline healthcare workers enrolled in Cradlepoint FirstConnect.

The Cradlepoint FirstConnect Recycling Program offers the following benefits:


Equipment returned to Cradlepoint is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Disposal processes comply with applicable regulations.

 All Cradlepoint and some competitor products are accepted upon Cradlepoint approval.

How to recycle


Request approval

To request approval for Cradlepoint hardware for recycling, email and include a note that you would like to participate in the recycling program. Provide serial numbers of devices and/or quantity of accessories requested to be recycled. Cradlepoint will email a return label with attached processing instructions.


Prepare for shipping

Before shipping your items, remove any SIM cards and the router battery (applicable for the E100/E110 only). Place the device in an appropriately sized box or securely packed pallet with the instruction sheet and add the provided shipping label.


If you have questions, please contact for assistance.

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