Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services Worldwide Offers In-Vehicle WiFi & Added Safety



Broadway Elite was one of the first luxury limousine service providers in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area to implement in-vehicle guest WiFi across its entire vehicle fleet. Using Cradlepoint’s COR Series solutions and NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s network management and application platform, Broadway Elite is able to offer WiFi to its riders, configure in-vehicle devices, implement industry-leading vehicle avoidance and accident reporting systems via video streaming, and gather vital information about its fleet.


Broadway Elite began operations in 1998 as a small limousine company. It has since grown to an international organization providing luxury transportation services in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, and South America. It is a Limousine Digest Operator of the Year award winner, and a finalist for the Limousine, Charter, and Tour magazine’s Operator of the Year. The company provides a full range of luxury vehicles, from sedans to motor coaches.


As one of the premier providers of limousine services in the greater New York metropolitan area, Broadway Elite faces stiff competition from dozens of other such companies. Critical to the company’s success and growth is its ability to provide superior service and safety to its clientele and to gather data about its vehicles in order to make smart business decisions. Broadway Elite’s strong working relationship with Cradlepoint has enabled it to provide fast, efficient, and profitable limousine services to its clients around the world.


Broadway Elite’s Chief Operating Officer Jason Sharenow said his company looked at many other vendors before choosing Cradlepoint.

“The company’s decision,” he said, “was based on the combination of the quality of Cradlepoint devices, its superior sales and engineering support, and the centralized network management made possible by Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager.”


Guest WiFi: In most areas in the U.S. and around the world, in-vehicle WiFi has become “table stakes” for limousine companies — those that don’t provide WiFi are passed over by most modern travelers. Broadway Elite’s early adoption of Cradlepoint’s 4G LTE solutions has kept them at the top of the list of limousine service providers.

“Passengers today are spending a significant amount of time in our vehicles,” said COO Sharenow. “The ability to provide them with a mobile WiFi hot spot has been a tremendous boon for our business, and has increased our client-satisfaction ratings.”

Efficiency: One of Sharenow’s goals is to run his fleet as efficiently as possible. He said having a reliable wireless network has enabled him to keep his drivers securely linked to Broadway Elite’s central dispatch system.

“Our chauffeurs are in instant contact through a voiceless dispatch system on their iPads. This enables us to know where they are, how they are performing, what assignments will make the best use of their time and fuel.”

Safety: Piggybacking off of its Cradlepoint wireless network connectivity, Broadway Elite has also implemented new lane departure/collision warning, vehicle tracking, and accident documentation technology (from Mobileye and ION Fleets). The Cradlepoint connectivity, coupled with these innovative safety technologies, is an industry first for the chauffeured services and a big advantage in safety for passengers and drivers.

“No other limousine company in the U.S. has installed this type of collision warning and documentation technology in every vehicle,” Sharenow said. “In addition to warning our chauffeurs of imminent collisions, the system can also immediately upload dash cam video recordings should an accident occur. Both Broadway Elite and law enforcement can use these recordings to investigate such accidents.”

Better Data: With its vehicles operating on four continents, Broadway Elite needs good performance indicators for each vehicle, its connectivity, and its data usage. COO Sharenow stated NetCloud Manager has enabled the company to configure onboard wireless devices, and then use them to gather important information that can help his team make smarter decisions.

“Through NetCloud Manager, we can keep track of which cellular provider each vehicle is using for network connectivity, how good the connection is, how much data each vehicle is transmitting, and what time of day it is transmitting it. We are also looking at other Cradlepoint services available through NetCloud Manager that provide safe content filtering and enterprise-grade network security.”

Superior Support: A customer can learn a lot about a vendor in the early stages of the sales process, when they are trying to judge what service and support would be like once they sign on the dotted line. Sharenow said this was an important, and revealing, part of the process for Broadway Elite. > “We looked at a lot of other vendors and none of them compared to the quality of the product and the sales and engineering service we received, even in the initial stages. Cradlepoint was unmatched by every other vendor we talked to.”