Carlo's Bakery



Carlo’s Bakery, a family-owned bakery featured on TLC’s Cake Boss, is quickly growing both nationally and internationally. As the company continues to open additional bakeries, the technology needs have evolved. By leveraging Cradlepoint’s ARC Series of routers, Carlo’s Bakery has been able to ensure a one of-a-kind customer experience with failover redundancy and remote management services.

“Our deployment is a true testament of how small to medium-sized businesses can take advantage of a cloud technology solution that is being used in large corporations,” said Leo Minervini, Carlo’s Bakery CIO. “We are leveraging the same level of technology for our business to disrupt the industry and innovate our operations.”


Carlo’s Bake Shop, commonly known as Carlo’s Bakery, is a family-owned bakery originally opened by Carlo Guastaffero in 1910. The shop was acquired by the Valastro family in 1964 and has continued to expand ever since. The bakery rose to fame with the Cake Boss reality television series that premiered on TLC in April 2009, depicting the staff of the shop creating elaborate custom-order novelty cakes.

The bakery currently has locations in New Jersey, Las Vegas, Garden City Long Island, and New York City. Carlo’s Bakery is currently implementing an aggressive national and international growth strategy with plans to open one bakery every 8-12 weeks.


As the company has continued to expand, its technology needs have evolved. Carlo’s Bakery is heavily reliant on the Internet and the cloud both inside and outside of the stores for its purchase order systems, inventory management, Google-hosted email and mobile Point-of-Sale systems. The company’s heavy reliance on these technologies made it necessary for it to graduate from its previous standard SOHO implementation with firewall, layer 2 and layer 3 routers, and single ISP circuit. > “After beginning to work with Cradlepoint, it became clear to me that they really care about the business that they are in, truly want to understand the pain points that customers have and understand the customer’s business.”


In response to the evolving technology needs of Carlo’s Bakery, the company turned to Cradlepoint’s ARC Series and NetCloud Manager (NCM) SaaS management platform. In conjunction with the existing firewall, Cradlepoint’s solution is able to provide the company with the necessary failover redundancy and cellular LTE required for day-to-day operations. The installation was simple for the company and continues to be a successful implementation for Carlo’s Bakery to-date.

“It was mentioned to me that Cradlepoint was the leader in this space. For me, as an IT decision maker, it’s important to not only find good technology, but it’s equally important to find good folks behind that technology,” said Minervini.


Interactive Customer Service Experience: Carlo’s Bakery leverages a customer-facing order management system. The company relies heavily on reliable connectivity to support a cloud-based sales system, which enables the bakery to enhance cake consultations for clients. Each consultation lasts 30 minutes and allows the client and the consultant to go through designs, cake types, and themes all via a mobile tablet.

Simplified Management of Dispersed Locations: Cradlepoint supports the evolution of Carlo’s Bakery’s business. Heavily reliant on the Internet, the company is now able to remotely manage all devices from a cloud-based platform at a centralized location and realize live, minute-by-minute views of operations throughout the business. As Carlo’s Bakery transitions from a small family business to a larger international company, it will experience the same ease of use no matter how many locations it launches and no matter how far away. Cradlepoint makes it easy to access and act on the most critical business information.

“Solutions and platforms are only as good as the data you are pumping into them. Cradlepoint has allowed our stakeholders and executives to view real-time dashboards on exactly how our stores are doing via our POS systems, ecommerce, and order management systems. They provide us with a 360-degree view of our customers and our business,” Minervini added.

Reliability: Constant connection is a necessity in the successful operations of the company. The company’s Times Square location in New York City averages approximately 1,500 transactions per day. By integrating Cradlepoint’s failover redundancy solution, Carlo’s Bakery is able to guarantee business continuity and consistent service to its customers.

It is also important for all Carlo’s Bakery locations to have Internet from day one of operation. At times, there may be a gap in time between the site open date and when connection can be installed. Cradlepoint is able to fill that gap and ensure that connectivity is supplied in the interim.

“It’s very simple. If my main circuit goes down, I need a device to kick in and make sure I have zero downtime. Cradlepoint came to the table and they proved to us that they could meet that need. I get to sleep a little better at night. Cradlepoint has supported our business transformation because now we have that security blanket.”