Fortune 500 Retailer

Fortune 500 Retailer Increases Uptime and Reduces Costs with All Wireless WAN in Stores


A Fortune 500 retailer was looking to go all wireless in hundreds of stores that require reliable WAN connectivity for POS, security cameras, hand-held scanners, VoIP phones, laptops, tablets, and more. Too often network outages and router failures in these stores were halting business and necessitating expensive on-sit troubleshooting. Also, the company had been using more than 70 ISPs for wired broadband, which cost millions of dollars per year to manage.

About the Customer

  • Stores: More than 1,400 spread across nearly every U.S. state and Canada
  • Solutions Deployed: More than 35,000


This nationwide retailer now deploys Cradlepoint NetCloud Service for Branch in every store, delivered through two wireless edge routers — each of which has a built-in firewall and an LTE modem accommodating a SIM card from a different network operator. With one all-in-one router set up as primary and the other as secondary, the retailer leverages multi-carrier, wireless-to-wireless failover along with VRRP for router redundancy.


With Cradlepoint solutions, this well-known national retailer no longer needs wired connectivity at its branch stores. A wireless-only architecture has reduced network downtime because of the ubiquity of LTE networks and the flexibility of wireless edge solutions. The company also is saving millions of dollars per year thanks to less network downtime, simplified data plans, centralized solution management, and drastically lower hardware costs.

​Reasons for Choosing Cradlepoint

  • Multi-carrier WAN failover and router redundancy
  • All-in-one connectivity and comprehensive data security
  • Centralized network management
  • Significant cost savings