Healthsense is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the future of aging services. Its systems extend the ability of older adults to live independently by monitoring their health and safety wherever they call home. Remote and vitals monitoring, emergency response and nurse call systems are among the solutions that Healthsense provides to senior living communities and caregivers. Each requires a steady, reliable, and secure connection at all times.


Aging services are frequently sought following an incident with a loved one where additional monitoring is needed immediately. Healthsense needed a flexible and reliable connectivity solution that could be installed quickly in a variety of living settings. The company also sought a router that could be managed remotely, provide a failover solution and offer two networks, one for its system and another for resident use.


Healthsense worked closely with Verizon to identify the most robust and capable solution. Cradlepoint technology was selected based on the requirements, relying on its cloud-based management platform to support all aspects of remote router management and the Cradlepoint 4G networking solutions primary router. This unique combination of support and deployment tools enables Healthsense to install its systems quickly and effectively.

Beyond those critical aspects, Healthsense needed the ease of use to continue long after installation.

"Being able to remotely manage a fleet of Cradlepoint products is another considerable benefit to our operations,” noted Bryan Fuhr, Healthsense Co-Founder and V.P. of Marketing and Business Development. “We can manage troubleshooting after installation from a central location using cloud management, which saves everyone time."

Three Healthsense systems rely on the always-on Cradlepoint 4G connectivity and cloud-based remote management capabilities. The eNeighbor® system automatically detects any need for assistance via strategically placed sensors and is specifically designed to monitor for falls and other health and wellness indicators. eNeighborVitals™ works with four different vital sign devices to remotely measure blood pressure, weight, glucose levels and pulse oximetry to maintain and improve health and wellness. The Personal Emergency Response system Plus (PERs+™) goes beyond traditional emergency call systems by using both an emergency call pendant and an additional wireless sensor that tracks a daily activity. Caregivers receive check-in calls whenever an activity is missed.

With patients and staff dependent on these critical systems, Healthsense required a failover solution that would minimize the risk of network disruptions. The Cradlepoint 4G routing solutions automatically detect disruptions to wired line connections and switches over to 3G/4G/LTE networks keeping vital applications up and running. Both practical and affordable, Cradlepoint’s failover solution scaled to provide the Healthsense IT staff with the peace of mind that comes with the maximum protection of a standby network without breaking the bank.

"At Healthsense, we believe in lowering the cost of care, increasing independence and improving the experiences of older adults, families and caregivers. By slowing the progression of aging and supporting independent living we can improve quality of life,” notes Fuhr. "We take pride in providing technology systems that enable people to live independently as long as possible. Cradlepoint solutions are a key component of keeping these systems online and accessible during one of the most critical times in someone's life."


Simple: Fuhr notes, “the plug and play simplicity has been evident throughout our experience. It also simplifies the process for the caregiver and end user by not worrying about installing or configuring a network to support our systems."

Flexible: “Being able to roll out one tool that meets all of our specifications, regardless of location, has reduced all of the pain points by an order of magnitude," adds Fuhr.

Remote Management: “Remotely performing updates, troubleshooting and monitoring the performance of every Cradlepoint we have deployed saves us considerable time and ensures our technology keeps caregivers connected with older adults,” explains Fuhr.

Value: “Our solutions have enabled the larger communities we serve to focus on the patients who need them the most,” says Fuhr. “Similarly, the ease of installation, reliability, and remote management capabilities of Cradlepoint products through cloud management have allowed us to spend more time on enhancing existing technology and creating new products to serve our clients better.”