Insurance Firm



This mutual insurance firm is one of the nation’s largest with around 18,000 agents in 350 claims offices across the United States. For this company, personal engagement and a positive customer experience are vital to ensuring customer retention while keeping online competitors from cutting into their annual revenue. With so much at stake, the corporation decided to balance IT costs and benefits with out exposing risk to the business by purchasing branch office solutions that create a bridge to 4G wireless when existing primary connections fail. They also needed mobile connectivity solutions when disasters strike so their field agents can file claims in real-time. After careful consideration, this firm chose Cradlepoint solutions to provide business continuity to its branch office locations and reliable mobile connectivity for field claims.


As one of the largest insurance firms in the United States, constant connectivity for all branch office locations to process claims, maximize employee productivity, and prevent revenue loss is a requirement. Not being able to file claims, update information, and serve their customer base, even for a short period is not an option.

In addition to branch office business continuity, agents needed to stay connected in the field to effectively engage customers and offer a superior level of customer service during stressful times.


After initially turning to Cradlepoint in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina to provide mobile connectivity for field agents, this firm rolled out Cradlepoint solutions to all its branch offices as a ‘drop-in’ bridge to wireless connectivity when existing wired connections failed. Today, it also utilizes the COR family of products for mobile field connections while relying on Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager to centrally deploy, group, and configure its network devices across the country in real-time.


Ease of Deployment: With the ease of cloud management and zero touch configurations, deploying a failover solution to reduce business risk was an easy decision.

“Our industry is so competitive we can’t afford the risks associated with downtime at a branch office. Providing our agents with uninterrupted Internet connectivity, either in the office or the field, is vital to our customer engagement and retention,” said the firm’s CIO.

Flexibility: One of the best features of Cradlepoint solutions or this firm is the flexibility they offer. They are able to connect through multiple carriers in different parts of the country depending on signal strength at each location. Cradlepoint also offers flexible mounting locations with power-over-Ethernet for optimal performance in office environments.

Utilizing NetCloud Manager, Cradlepoint’s cloud management and application platform, allows this insurance firm the flexibility to upgrade, deploy, and monitor all its devices from its central headquarters – reducing the costs of expensive truck rolls.

“For mobile or branch connectivity, the cloud management platform is the biggest bonus. IT managers at our central headquarters can manage all of our devices across the country remotely. This reduces the total cost of ownership of our network, along with the headaches and stress of our Branch Managers,” said the CIO.

Security: VPN capability, and other cloud-enabled security features ensure their network stays secure and protected for main office access and financial transactions. Being able to segment routers to create alternate networks off the main network improves security and data usage.

 “With wireless data becoming more affordable and 4G LTE becoming the standard, I’m excited to explore new network technologies for our 350 plus locations,” the CIO stated.