JetLoungeX (JLX) had a vision to create the most advanced mobile entertainment system platform ever created for the luxury limousine, mobile gaming, corporate, and party bus transportation industry. To do so, the company needed enterprise-grade, cost-effective mobile network connectivity solutions with the capabilities to support high bandwidth network demands and latency sensitive mobile applications. Cradlepoint was able to provide the necessary mobile network connectivity to enable JLX to make its luxury transportation services dream a reality with a compact, all-in-one solution.

"JLX did not exist until we brought Cradlepoint on board. The company solved our business and technical needs. We’ve always had a good understanding of the mobile network bandwidth capacity and performance requirements being driven by our entertainment platform. However, there wasn’t anything on the market at the price point we were looking for until Cradlepoint came along. Not only is it an all-inclusive solution, but feature-rich product offering,” said Devin Foxx, CEO at JLX a subsidiary of TheXrossOverGroup, Inc. (TXG).


JLX, owned by parent company TheXrossOverGroup Inc. (TXG), is a state-of-the-art, luxury entertainment transportation company. With a completed and fully operational prototype, JLX is now developing the enhanced production versions of the luxury transportation vehicle featuring larger screens, more technology and applications, real-time video chats, and much more.


With an idea to create the ultimate luxury entertainment experience, JLX needed a cost-effective, high-performing, reliable solution to support its mobile connectivity needs. Working with Automotive Designs and Fabrication (ADF) to outfit Mercedes Sprinter Vans, the company was looking to offer any and every mobile technology connectivity concept that a customer may want while en route to their destination. These high-tech concepts included: interactive social media access, live Internet streaming, selfie photo booths, printing, remote music control, live gaming, cloud computing, teleconferencing, and more. JLX and ADF knew that without a reliable, enterprise-grade means of in-vehicle network connectivity—none of these applications would be possible.


After completing a 12-month proof of concept with the JLX prototype with overwhelming customer and industry success, the Cradlepoint AER2100 continues to meet their connectivity needs, offering maximum mobility for the JetLoungeX network. With high-powered connectivity requirements to support all of its mobile technology, JLX went the more unconventional route of deploying an enterprise grade router as opposed to Cradlepoint’s traditional in-vehicle solution. The AER2100 was brought in to support the robust bandwidth needs of the 12 computers on board—providing both primary and failover connectivity. The dual-modem solution enables JLX to offer dual-carrier mobile network connectivity to ensure seamless, always-connected transportation experience.

"One of the challenges when you’re on the road is that as you’re driving around and you don’t always have the best coverage from one provider’s cellular tower to another,” said Foxx. “The ability to deliver uninterrupted Internet by using multiple carriers for our service allows customers who rent out the JLX to ride around and stream live content without interruptions— that was a major success criteria for us.”


Cost-Effective & Simple Install: In order to support the abundance of technology that JLX was looking to offer in its vehicles, it needed to find a cost-effective connectivity solution. Other solutions the company looked into were extremely expensive. Cradlepoint’s AER2100 was able to offer JLX the enterprise-grade connectivity it needed at a one-time price that fit its budget.

“The capabilities that Cradlepoint are offering were so cost prohibitive five years ago. A solution like Cradlepoint’s would have cost upwards of $40,000 then,” said Foxx. “When we came across Cradlepoint as an opportunity, we quickly recognized that the technology and capabilities the company offered, at its price point, were huge. We wouldn’t be able to do the things we’re doing today with JLX without Cradlepoint. It’d be too expensive.”

In addition to competitive pricing, JLX and ADF found installation of the AER2100 to be simple.

Added Revenue Opportunities: With Cradlepoint, JLX has been able to create additional revenue sources outside of the traditional rental service model. JLX has partnered with local wineries to not only offer tours, but advertising opportunities as well. Wineries are able to remotely push and manage customized, product-focused content such as ads, overviews, and videos to customers in real time based on their current location.

“We began working with the wineries and customizing content as our vehicles got closer in proximity to the location of the tours with product reinforcements. We realized the revenue stream generated from the advertising capabilities out ceded the rental capacity by a factory of around 20:1. Our advertising partners are able to easily stream their advertising content to more than one vehicle, with real-time updates, which has been great value add for wine tours customers,” Foxx said.

Scalability For The Future: Currently JLX is working to chart transportation paths that outline the routes with the strongest LTE signal strengths. Moving forward, the company has plans to simultaneously develop two to five more vehicles with enhanced features including: more technology capabilities, expanded coverage areas, and a display screen that covers the entire roof of the vehicle.

“The upgraded network capabilities of Cradlepoint solutions have enabled us to successfully transform the use of this vehicle from a traditional limo where you simply ride around, to an all-around transport entertainment experience. It’s a completely different ballgame inside of the JLX, which wouldn’t be possible without the mobile networking capabilities of Cradlepoint solutions.”