Using Mobile SD-WAN with Satellite & LTE Creates Always-On Connectivity in Remote Areas

Success Story Highlights

Challenge — Kymeta delivers access to connectivity that leverages the best of satellite and cellular networks for both fixed and mobile platforms, regardless of location. To achieve this it needed to find access to high-performance LTE connectivity to pair with its flat-panel satellite terminals.

Solution — To deliver access to constant connectivity in remote areas, Kymeta leveraged Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Mobile, which includes a WiFi access point, GPS and telematics integration, WiFi-as-WAN, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting, all delivered via an in-vehicle LTE router.

Benefits — With the help of Cradlepoint, Kymeta is able to achieve always available connectivity for WiFi on passenger buses and for sensors on the buses that collect road depreciation analytics. Kymeta also delivers the combination of LTE and satellite connectivity to first responders in remote areas around the world, and with Cradlepoint’s network management software, it can monitor all its networks from a single location and collect data.


Kymeta identified demand for continued and reliable connectivity in locations that rarely see an Internet connection. While satellite networks provide this, Kymeta wanted to combine satellite connectivity with LTE links to reduce overall cost and drive up overall network performance. Kymeta wanted to balance the data load across cellular networks when available and rely only on satellite networks when cellular networks were unavailable.

Network Inflexibility — Kymeta needed the ability to intelligently switch back and forth from Satellite to LTE to reach an always available network connection.

Needed Integration for an Array of Devices — During disasters, Kymeta needed the ability to quickly integrate its solution with whatever devices and technology a first responder agency is using.


Kymeta leveraged Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Serivce for Mobile in a variety of hybrid router deployments, leveraging multi-WAN capabilities, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technologies for intelligent routing, and remote network management services. The service is delivered through purpose-built routers with embedded LTE.


Reliable Connectivity for Passenger WiFi

With Cradlepoint solutions, Kymeta developed always-on connectivity to put WiFi on passenger buses in places that would normally not have a connection.

To provide WiFi on passenger buses, Kymeta developed an innovative project featuring Kymeta flat-panel satellite antennas on top of buses paired with the cellular LTE connectivity of Cradlepoint solutions for always-on WiFi. This combination keeps data alive while the bus goes in and out of connectivity.

Always Available Connectivity to Collect Data for Road Improvements

The same passenger buses can also utilize the robust network delivered through Cradlepoint and Kymeta for improvements to cities’ roads using IoT sensor data to measure how depressions in the road are affected over time. It can see — with a horizontal laser that goes across the road taking measurements at sixty times per second — what kind of road surfaces wear down differently.

Remote Network Management for Optimized Network Performance

Kymeta uses Cradlepoint’s cloud management service, NetCloud Manager, to remotely monitor important details about network performance. For example, Kymeta can keep track of how many users are connecting, what they are using connectivity for, and how often the WAN links automatically switch back and forth due to performance degradation.

“I’m continually looking at NetCloud Manager to see where I can adjust it for better results and monitoring how much data is being used through the cellular networks vs. the satellite networks,” said Ben Posthuma, senior solutions manager with Kymeta.

SD-WAN Services for Improved Availability & Performance

In automated fashion, Cradlepoint’s mobile SD-WAN solution intelligently routes traffic either over LTE or satellite, based on preset policies related to network performance cues. This ensures that mission-critical data is always kept on the best-performing WAN path.

Simple Integration for Disaster Recovery

During Hurricane Michael, mobile network engineers were able to deploy two Kymeta and Cradlepoint hybrid network ATVs during disaster recovery efforts. The hybrid networks provided continuous connectivity from cellular networks when available and satellite networks when the cell networks were overloaded or unavailable.

With no downtime for their communications, the gathering of resources and recovery remained at a constant pace.

Future Projects

Kymeta is always looking for other areas where they can continue offering the constant network connectivity of satellite and Cradlepoint delivered LTE networks.

“We have had great success using the Cradlepoint solution because it’s a mature and easy to use out-of-the-box solution. The Cradlepoint is supportable and has a robust cloud management toolset,” Posthuma said.