Mobile Workforce



The last thing any busy sales executive can afford is wasted time and money, but that’s exactly what’s at stake when businesses send their professionals into the field without the ability to stay connected to the network. With in-vehicle WiFi, businesses can increase uptime and decrease staff time spent driving to and from the office.

The reliability of Cradlepoint’s COR Series devices—along with NetCloud Manager (NCM), the network management service available in the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform—offer always-on LTE connectivity to keep staff securely connected wherever their customers take them. 


In a world where traditional tethers to the central office have all but vanished, enterprises that operate vehicle fleets require constant and dependable mobile Internet connectivity to keep up. Businesses, organisations, and public agencies find productivity gains and improved fleet management by deploying dependable mobile connectivity in vehicles helping drive centralised efficiency of time, money, and resources.

An “on-the-road” executive should be able to access all the necessary data, information and systems they need to successfully fulfill their role anytime and from anywhere. 


Mobile workforces present unique connectivity challenges when compared to a traditional office environment. Travelling along bumpy roads, traversing service areas, and powering devices using a vehicle battery are factors requiring special considerations and planning. A total solution should take into account all aspects of virtual and physical layouts, as well as anticipated usage. You’ll find that you’re not simply choosing hardware and a data plan, but rather looking holistically at how to optimise a comprehensive solution for reliable, stable connectivity on the road. 

Decision makers should move strategically when incorporating mobile connectivity in conveyances, anticipating challenges, following industry best practices, and choosing a solution that can be planned, deployed, managed, and scaled with “zero-touch” configuration. 


To meet the mobile office needs of field-based staff, enterprise grade 4G LTE wireless routers provide secure, reliable, and super-fast connectivity over a choice of mobile networks, enabling extended features and capabilities. With Cradlepoint’s ruggedised, cloud-managed COR Series devices, staff can access mobile Internet from anywhere with phones, laptops, and tablets.

With an integrated LTE modem, the COR Series can replace other USB-based products. Also, the ability to use external antennas gives mobile staff the consistent connectivity they need transforming their vehicles into mobile hotspots.

Organisations can leverage Internet connections to offer customers on-site payments and input data, while ensuring secure communication between devices. To protect customers and keep sensitive information secure, software with encrypted communication protocols safeguards against “eavesdropping” and other interventions.

Additionally, the COR Series used in a vehicle can give mobile workers the ability to handle administrative tasks that are often difficult to manage out of the office like accessing and updating CRM databases, logging mileage and expenses, printing invoices, making Internet calls, video conferencing, and downloading and sharing data remotely. Having consistent, reliable access to central office networks allows field-based staff to make the most efficient use of their time between appointments. 


Consistent network access from the field: With four-nines connectivity, sales teams can confidently record and save key information to business CRM and ERP systems from their vehicles to the office network. In turn, their co-workers can view and respond to this information right away to ensure that urgent decisions can be made with accuracy, saving valuable time for everyone involved.

WiFi In & Around the Vehicle: The COR Series dual-band, dual-concurrent 802.11 WiFi turns mobile offices into rolling hotspots, providing cost-effective connectivity for all devices in and surrounding the vehicles, including mobiles phones, tablets, computers, and printers. The antenna connection can be positioned externally for optimised coverage.

Remote Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing or VoIP: The ability to stream enterprise-grade video from in-vehicle WiFi allows field staff to use online conferencing facilities away from the office and make cost-effective International calls over the Internet.

Ruggedised: Cradlepoint’s COR Series routers are ruggedised for vibration, shock, dust, splash, and humidity. They are also designed to continue operating at temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to 85 degrees C.

Compact Form Factor: Cradlepoint’s compact COR Series is small enough to easily fit in all types of vehicles. It’s easy to access yet small enough to not hinder users’ day-to-day operations and can be easily integrated with other in-vehicle technologies.

Extened Power Options: Cradlepoint’s COR Series devices allow direct installation into a vehicles electrical system and are designed with built-in transient and reverse polarity voltage protection.

Multi-Carrier Support: Mutli-carrier routers prevent organisations from being “locked in” to a particular carrier which provides “future-proofing” in fleet management. 

Cloud Management: Cloud management means you can easily monitor your entire fleet, configure multiple routers at one time, and deploy updates within seconds. Cloud management also provides access to reporting, analytics, diagnostics, security applications, and alerting. This can be used to monitor data usage and avoid overages.

Lower cost of ownership: The ability to remotely manage and configure mobile routers through cloud management reduces total cost of ownership by decreasing technician time required in the field. Cradlepoint’s NCM provides a fast speed to deployment with “zero-touch” configuration.

Secure connectivity: Mobile routers offer enterprise-grade security with advanced security, VPN, and stateful firewalls to protect sensitive data. They are also designed for PCI compliant network architectures.

Cradlepoint’s COR Series has become a “go to” solution for in-vehicle connectivity Internet. Providing instant and reliable 3G/4G/LTE connections for a multitude of applications, Cradlepoint’s COR Series is unlike other wireless router routers in the market. Large deployments of these devices can be managed using Cradlepoint’s NCM software to monitor, configure, and upgrade geographically dispersed systems without requiring on-site technical resources. As the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed LTE in our solutions, Cradlepoint maximises the potential of the cloud for businesses worldwide.