Pop-Up Elections

Densely Populated State Uses Cradlepoint to Securely Connect Modern Voting System

Solution Profile

More than 8 million

Solutions Deployed:
More than 1,000


​Reasons for Choosing Cradlepoint

  • More bandwidth for faster speeds to support modern technology

  • Comprehensive data security

  • Dual-modem functionality for multi-carrier, highly reliable connectivity

  • Centralized network management


A State Board of Election (BOE) was updating its outdated paper-based voting system to modern technologies, including e-poll books and tablets. It recognized that the MiFis it was using didn’t offer sufficient security or bandwidth required to efficiently use the devices. Its current solution just couldn’t support the modernized, innovative voting system the state BOE had in mind.


This state BOE selected the Cradlepoint NetCloud Service, which includes cloud configuration and troubleshooting and comprehensive network security, all delivered through a wireless edge router with dual LTE modems. The state ultimately implemented more than 1,000 devices into its dispersed early voting and traditional polling sites.


Cradlepoint solutions enabled this state BOE to achieve much faster speeds than a MiFi could provide. Further, with dual-modem capabilities, the state BOE can connect two carriers simultaneously for automatic failover back and forth between carriers. The agency also has the utmost confidence in its information security, trusting in Cradlepoint’s built-in firewall and additional security features. Cradlepoint also went through cybersecurity penetration testing with the state’s IT department.

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