Productionglue Utilizes Cradlepoint Solutions to Provide Always-On Connectivity for Unique Pop-Up Network


Productionglue, a live event company and experiential agency that advances transformative moments through tech-based solutions, needed an enterprise-grade, cost-effective mobile network solution with the capability to support high-bandwidth network demands. Cradlepoint’s all-in-one AER Series devices, Cat 6 MC400 modems, and cloud management platform gave productionglue the ability to provide always-on connectivity to its staff, clients, and unique job sites while on the road for touring brand activations, experiential pop-ups, and landmark occasions. 


Established in 2006, productionglue was founded in New York City by friends and industry innovators who met while working together in entertainment technology and production. Ten years later, productionglue headquarters remains in New York, while its satellite offices and remote teams extend to locations across the U.S. From concept to execution, productionglue demonstrates seamless control over the entire production process. The team collaborates with hundreds of clients every year, to achieve their most challenging and important live events, such as innovative product launches for Nike, the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the season 13 premiere of the Ellen Show in Rockefeller Plaza.


The productionglue team works entirely in the cloud, which means they need on-demand access to the Internet and work files on location, at any given time. For Josh Kulick, productionglue Systems Architect, the goal was to give the team reliable and robust technology tools that would make connectivity transparent and seamless. Prior to Cradlepoint, glue’s onsite options were restricted to MiFi hotspots, which are limiting in bandwidth and range, or bringing in Internet to a site via microwave uplinks—which is extremely costly and often has issues with inclement weather.


Kulick set a goal to take Cradlepoint technology and build it into a transportable and robust Internet kit that could provide adequate bandwidth and could be engineered to operate in unconventional environments. A unique and fully personalized solution using Cradlepoint solutions was the outcome.

Productionglue is currently implementing Cradlepoint in its customized kits called “glueFI,” which are available for easy deployment on glue job sites and client projects. The glueFI kits utilize Cradlepoint AER2100 and AER3100 devices that have been integrated in a ruggedized, shock-mount rolling case that can be shipped to any event. In addition, Cradlepoint’s cloud management system allows the IT team to manage and configure the glueFI kits remotely.

Cradlepoint’s next-generation Category 6 modems permit glueFI to support all major cellular carriers, while also giving them the ability to work across multiple cellular networks simultaneously, taking advantage of the latest in LTE technology. Additionally, the incorporation of wireless access points and voice over IP handsets provides productionglue employees with a completely transparent IT experience—seamlessly connecting them to the network, just as if they were in the office.



Considering the unique application of the glueFI kits, superior customer service and support was instrumental to Kulick and his team.

“In this instance, I felt 110% supported by Cradlepoint, both in understanding what I needed and bringing resources on the line to answer my questions. They were there whenever we had a tight deadline, and it has been a rare and wonderful experience,” said Kulick. REMOTE MANAGEMENT Through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager (NCM), productionglue’s in-house IT team is able to provide remote support 24/7—administering, monitoring, and troubleshooting glueFI from anywhere.


Using Cradlepoint technology, Kulick was able to manufacture a unique and robust kit that would be easy for any member of productionglue to plug in on-site and access those online resources almost immediately.

“There’s not much feedback from those in the field because to them it is just WiFi—to them it just works, and that is the best compliment I could give Cradlepoint,” said Kulick.